Sileni stands for great wine, great food and great company

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About Silent Estate

Wine that loves company

In ancient Greece the Sileni were companions of Dionysus, the god of good things - wine, vineyards and theatre.  When there was something to be celebrated, the Sileni were always on hand to encourage enjoyment of delicious food, great wine and social interaction. And when celebrations were in short supply, you could trust the Sileni to invent a reason for fun. Such was their dedication to the joy of living.

Accompanying our name is a symbol that has come to represent everything Sileni Estates stands for. It is not ancient Greek, but has a meaning the Sileni would appreciate. The symbol contains a triangle, and the three angles represent great food, great wine and great company. Enclosing the triangle is a circle, reflecting our global outlook, because Sileni wines are enjoyed around the world.

Award Winning Wine

Decanter Award 4 CWSA San Fran Gold Medal San Fran Double Gold Medal San Fran Best Sav Oregon Wine Awards Pure NZ Wines